What is biomat?

Biomat is technology that combines far infrared heat, negative ions along with Amethyst crystals. The mat is placed on a massage table or bed so that the rejuvenating properties of the mat may be administered while the user relaxes, fully clothed.  The process is painless, and in fact , usually induces a comfortable, soothing warmth that penetrates the body.  Most will feel deeply comforted as they slip into a delta brain wave, offering a deep relaxation if not a rejuvenating nap!

What does biomat do?

Detoxification: Delivering far infrared rays to the cells of the body stimulates the cells to eliminate cellular wastes and toxins more efficiently. Healthy, functioning cells are able to process more complex, high-quality nutrients instead of subsisting on simple sugars; in response, the body may stop craving them.  

Metabolic Acceleration: Far infrared rays permeate the body with heat energy. The energy transfers to cells, enhancing their function and efficacy.  This, in turn, stimulates lymphatic and vascular systems, increasing blood flow to all parts of the body while utilizing stored calories. In fact, an recent report suggested that each far infrared ray treatment burned as many calories as 30 minutes of rowing or jogging. {1}

Weight Loss: Eliminating toxins and accelerating caloric consumption, the body is primed to expel calories without converting them into fat and cellular waste products.   

Physical Recovery:  Continuous far infrared rays exposure stimulates an increase in physical activity. The soothing, penetrative heat stimulates cellular regeneration, allowing quick recovery from minor injuries as well as infusing a feeling of being refreshed, relaxed and energized.

Enjoy a relaxing Therapeutic Biomat Session

30 minute session     $25

60 minute session     $50

* Add on session while getting a facial treatment     $15